Financial Times Ranks Citadelo Among the Fastest Growing Companies in Europe

Financial Times Ranks Citadelo Among the Fastest Growing Companies in Europe

Bratislava, Prague, Zug March 1, 2022 - The Slovakian firm Citadelo, which focuses on ethical hacking and penetration testing, has been ranked 8th in the Financial Times 1000 (FT 1000) for cyber security in Europe. Overall, it is one of the top 600 fast-growing companies with a growth of 243.94% according to the Financial Times. Citadelo has been operating in the Slovak and Czech markets for more than fifteen years and is currently expanding its operations to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Cybersecurity is now an important part of the strategies of companies of all sizes, especially in times of pandemics and growing hybrid threats or cyber-attacks. “Our inclusion in the FT 1000 list highlights our long-standing efforts and the results that we have brought to the Slovak and Czech markets as a leader in cybersecurity. We have been building our know-how since 2006 and thanks to a strategic investor we are expanding to other countries,” said Tomáš Zat’ko, CEO and co-founder of Citadelo. The FT 1000 ranking offers a comprehensive overview of the fastest-growing companies in Europe that have published their earnings.

Citadelo’s ethical hackers saw an increased demand for IT security services in 2021 and uncovered 2,700 vulnerabilities. They achieved significant growth by successfully completing nearly 1,000 projects for more than 100 clients. “Since joining the Swiss Artmotion Group the year before last, we have been able to expand in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.) At the same time, we have significantly expanded our team of experts, which we plan to continue to strengthen,” explained Tomáš Zat’ko.

Corporate culture forms an important part of Citadelo’s identity. “We are eager to grow internationally, but we want to retain our unique hacker culture. We are looking for professionals who are curious, constantly learning, and able to lead others,” added Tomáš Zatko.

About Citadelo

Citadelo was founded by a group of ethical hackers in 2006 with the goal of contributing to a more trustworthy and secure Internet. Citadelo uncovers vulnerabilities in IT infrastructures through simulated attacks and testing cloud and application security to improve the overall level of information security in organizations and companies of all types and sizes. Today, Citadelo’s international team consists of 30 experts who work for many companies, including Fortune 500 companies. Citadelo is a market leader in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with offices in Prague, Bratislava and most recently in Zug, Switzerland.

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Citadelo is a firm of ethical hackers on your side. We think like hackers, but we don't abuse it. On the contrary, our main goal is to reveal vulnerabilities without causing damage. We have been conducting simulated attacks for our clients since 2006
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