🏢👋 Hey there, future Office Manager!

Join us and be the one who holds together two corporate worlds that might seem like two puzzle pieces someone randomly put together! 🧩💼

🔐 One team holds the keys to ethical hacking, while the other defends interests with the most “legally binding” words in the repertoire. Us? We’ve got a fantastic team, a terrace full of dogs, and a bunch of buddies who can connect the unconnectable! 🐕🎉

🌳 Our haven on Letná is like a mysterious island where technological enigmas meet legal conundrums. But the best part? Our terrace hosts parties where we mix hacking tales with legal jests! 🏢🍹

What we expect from you:

Brainpower of an organizer who can play both sides – from hacker “levels” to legal “rows.” The art of being a bridge between “hackers” and “lawyers” while keeping us calm and orderly. An excellent sense of humor to make “hacker squads” and “paragraph gurus” laugh out loud! 😄🔓

And what we offer you:

An incredible chance to become part of our corporate microcosm, where hacks and law meet – like a sort of company hockey jersey! The opportunity to keep the “hacker ship” and the “legal pirate ship” afloat, perfectly balanced. An office where dogs are not only allowed but welcomed, and a terrace that’s turning into a fabulous party scene! 🐶🎈 So, come and join us, and be the one who combines “hacker wizardry” with the “legal realm” – making us the most awesome corporate gang in the world! 🕵️‍♂️👩‍⚖️🤝