About us

About us

Do you know how to think like a hacker? We do. Citadelo is a firm of ethical hackers on your side. We think like hackers, but we don’t abuse it. On the contrary, our main goal is to reveal vulnerabilities without causing damage. We have been conducting simulated attacks for our clients since 2006, helping them to test their information security. Take a look at the challenges of your IT environment, and find out to what degree your sensitive data is protected.

Being a leader is a matter of course for us, an ethical approach an essential requirement, and a safer IT world our mission.

Our team

Juraj Bednár
I try to hack everything: security, business, my own body, life. You might find me with electrodes on my head, eating strange things, programming smart contracts, cracking a cipher a client invented, or founding a new company.
Tomáš Zaťko
I hacked the bank where you keep your money. Don’t panic, though! I had a contract, and aimed to help. I wrote my first program at age eight, and my first hack was unlocking all the levels in the PC game Supaplex. In my last year of high school I met Juraj Bednár at the Miniprog programming competition, and we would later go on to found Citadelo. Today I run the company, and devote a bit of my time to penetration testing. Other than that, I love outer space and Japanese tea.
Martin Leskovjan
CZ Country Manager
We opened Citadelo Czech Republic, which I manage, in 2017, in order to meet demand there for our services. My legal education at Charles University in Prague and work in the fields of IT security and crypto technology (I’m also a co-founder of Paralelní Polis) formed my orientation toward information security law, smart contracts, blockchain technology, privacy protection, and so on. My main passion besides “crypto” is whitewater slalom.
Martin Hanic
Ethical hacker
I wrote my first program on a Didaktik M, was late to the prom, and graduated despite the pitfalls of Gentoo and Battle.net. Since breaking is more fun than fixing, after 15 years in the corporate world I decided to move to the side of the ethical hackers. Besides banks, I’ve also hacked the military servers of eight states – happily, only during the Locked Shields competition. I love new technology, encrypt what I can, and pay for my coffee with Bitcoin.
František Uhrecký
Ethical hacker
I enjoy figuring out how things work, but even better is figuring out how to force them to do what I want. I’m interested in open source technology, Linux, crypto, and mobile application security. And of course absolutely in offensive security.
Tomáš Volný
Ethical hacker
My first hack? Bypassing the Windows login screen when I was seven. My parents’ efforts to limit my access to the blue screen were in vain. Later, I enjoyed programming at a professional level, but that wasn’t really the thing. Breaking things is much more fun. And so I started working at Citadelo, where I can do that and even get paid! Dream job :)
Tomáš Melicher
Ethical hacker
I started to work as a web developer in big projects for government and financial institutions. When developing a particular software, I always asked myself “what will happen, when somebody tries to break it”. And this approach is the reason why I work at Citadelo at the moment, where I can do these kinds of things on a daily basis. Apart from hacking banks and other institutions, I can be seen playing table tennis or doing street workouts.
Marek Takáč
Ethical hacker
After many years of piecing applications together at corporations and startups I decided to only break applications from now on. Recently I’ve been tinkering with cryptocurrencies and in my free time I play the drums. If you’re looking for me in my free time, I’m the guy in black with the long hair, probably at a metal festival.
Michal Havrda
Ethical hacker
Even as a kid I loved mathematics. I focused on that in my studies and when I grew up I married it. Literally. I took mathematics as my wife. I started programming in high school and my first four paychecks bought me my first computer. After university I jumped onto a programming team where I spent 10 years on a lot of web projects (including a system for recognizing parrots). Ultimately I got into hacking. I’m particularly fascinating by overcoming impossible challenges.
Jakub Novák
Account Manager
Since I was a child I’ve loved seeking out new challenges and adventures, and been happy to break all the rules. I like following trends and try to go with the times. As such, I studied applied informatics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Slovak Technical University. Afterwards, I ultimately managed to get into the IT field, where I feel at home. I really like playing sports, love traveling and meeting new people, and even after many years I don’t mind the nightlife.
Tomáš Horváth
Sales Manager
I studied business and marketing at the University of Economics in Bratislava, and gained IT knowledge and skills gradually at a number of companies. I spent the most time as a Key Account Manager for Wincor Nixdorf, where I was responsible for several global clients. Besides my enthusiasm for IT and the fintech world, I like spending time on the badminton court.
Vojtěch Sláma
Business Consultant
While studying political science at Charles University in Prague I got interested in international security. As a kid I discovered the joys of breaking and fixing things, whether software or hardware, which took me from a company supplying automated systems for urban bicycle sharing into the field of information security and my position as Business Consultant for the Czech Citadelo team. I consider myself a mid-level geek and I’m interested in Android, IoT, gadgets, cycling, and motorcycles.
Marek Paták
Project Manager
I’ve been working as a project manager since 2011. For me, this job isn’t just a chance occurrence in life but a clear choice justified by my personality. My strong points, such as organization, systematization, and advance planning contribute substantially to successful project management. Where others stop planning, I begin. In this way I successfully organize the whole team and keep watch over it so that everything runs like clockwork.
Lucia Komiňáková
Chief Human Resources Officer
I like observing things around me and the world as it is. I also enjoy thinking about different things and my biggest inspiration to that are complex non-linear systems – people. I enjoy thinking with a cup of good coffee, glass of wine or while reading a book. Thinking in a theatre or while sitting on a bench in a city centre is enjoyable as well. I started my career in a IT recruitment and Executive Search sector. After 7 years spent in an agency, I moved to a department of Human Resources in a private company, where I’m doing my best to make people happy and satisfied, because Human Resources are the best resources in the world.
Michaela Gallee
Marketing Manager
I love the online world, learning is my lifestyle, and teaching others is my mission. I have a degree in chemistry and certifications in marketing. I enjoy snowboarding in the winter time and I don’t really need glasses but they do look cool.
Dita Horáková
Office manager
I like working with people and with office paper. And that is actually my work at Citadelo. I always emphasize the importance of details, organization and grammar everywhere. My Media Studies made me believe that education can be entertaining and that’s why I will keep studying as long as I can. I’m an adrenalin girl who likes to travel and love dogs, all animals and living things.

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