Advisory services

Advisory services

Security Monitoring

To obtain an overview of and control over network devices, workstations, and servers, it is important to have easily-accessible, detailed information about their operation and status all in one place. In the event of an operations incident at headquarters or a branch office, administrators should be able to immediately and comprehensively evaluate the situation based on log analysis tool information and propose solutions from the comfort of their offices.

SOC - Security Operation Center

The Security Operations Center (SOC) consists of a highly-qualified team tasked with continuously monitoring and improving your organization's security posture, while also preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to IT security incidents, assisted by both technology and well-elaborated processes.

Incident response

Think your website or system has been hacked? Feeling like something's not quite right? We can help you repair the damage and get back into normal operations. Hack victims are often chosen at random based on mass scanning of thousands of systems, and these days anyone can become a victim. We provide incident analysis, advice in investigating the source of the attacks, and assistance in getting systems back online. We'll identify the method of the intrusion, and take measures to ensure it doesn't happen again. If you have been hacked, contact us immediately.

Smart Contract security

The arrival of blockchains has brought new challenges. Decentralized applications enable an entirely new approach to the development of products and services, but security is always an issue to be addressed. When smart contracts operate directly on monetary assets it is crucial to verify their security, because any loss to hackers is irreversible.

Blockchain technologies

Testing for blockchain technology solutions. We have carried out projects based on this technology, and will be happy to assist you with them.

Custom solutions

Not seeing exactly what you're looking for here? We offer custom-tailored solutions beyond the services listed. Our clients often bring us unique requirements, and as a broadly-focused IT security firm we are ready to face new challenges. Our professional approach serves to ensure that all parties will ultimately be satisfied - discreetly, of course.

Reverse engineering

How to explain reverse engineering simply? Imagine that you have a soup prepared according to a recipe. Reverse engineering is discovering the recipe when all you have is the soup. Hackers use reverse engineering do the same thing to data in applications that they shouldn't be seeing, and this is often a problem in "thick client" type applications. Our reverse engineering experts will be happy to assist you in addressing issues of this nature.

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How can I help you?
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