Citadelo expands across Europe

Citadelo expands across Europe

We would like to share some exciting news about Citadelo with you.

Citadelo gains swiss investor and expands across Europe

Even during these unprecedented times, we didn’t slow down. Instead, we focused on our long-term goal of improving and expanding our services.

Citadelo teamed up with Swiss cloud services provider Artmotion, who became the majority shareholder of the company. Artmotion is represented by CEO and co-founder Mateo Meier, who has worked in the IT field for almost 20 years.

What are our ambitions, and what will this partnership bring to you, our customers?

” We started looking for a strategic investor because of our growth potential in foreign markets. But we didn’t just want a financial investor, we were looking for someone who would engage us in a partnership, provide access to their extensive knowledge and help develop the company together with us,” explains co-founder Tomáš Zaťko, who was appointed as the CEO of the Slovak and Czech branches of Citadelo.

The change in ownership structure and the entry of Artmotion has no impact on the direct management of the Citadelo. The company remains predominantly in the hands of the Slovak-Czech management team. The management team, which consists of Martin Hanic, Tomáš Horváth, Martin Leskovjan, and Tomáš Zaťko, is now supported by Mateo Meier.

Citadelo and Artmotion will continue to operate as separate companies

Although Citadelo is opening a branch in Switzerland, we will continue to serve our clients from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


Member of the Board (left to right: Mateo Meier, Martin Leskovjan, Martin Hanic, Tomáš Horváth and Tomáš Zaťko)

Our cooperation with Artmotion has already brought proved successful, even in this short period of time. Our preparation for further development helped us streamline and elaborate internal processes, adapt and change team roles, and this approach has increased motivation and commitment to the cause.

Artmotion’s experience with cloud computing increases our knowledge while creating new opportunities.

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