Cloud Security Testing

Cloud Security Testing

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS represents the most popular cloud service today. One of the reasons is that it is really easy to deploy and operate. But popular by everybody means popular by hackers too. And there is a reason for it too. Human error. Because when it comes to a secure configuration of a larger infrastructure, the task becomes anything else than easy. But do not worry, our hackers know all the tricks and can help you test your cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure

Moving your windows infrastructure to the cloud to take advantage of Office 365 or even Azure Active Directory ? Not sleeping well because of security concerns and possible attacks? Let our hackers help you with testing it, from secure configuration to real world attacks, with the same dedication we help you with testing your internal networks.

Google Cloud

You have decided to trust Google by hosting your cloud services, because security is what they are really great at. But what about your configuration, and access management, ...? Our hackers can help you not only to identify issues in your configuration, but tighten your security even more. Because there is never "enough" security.


Each cloud service has its own specifics and hidden places to look at. Do not worry, you do not need to know them all. Our hacker will help you deal with them the same way we helped our other customers. And maybe by searching for known problems, we find a new one, like we did with vCloud director.

Microsoft Hyper-V

We are not scared of new technologies. They crave knowledge and not only try to test all the known issues there are but always try to come up with a new approach and attack. And with new technology there always is a lot to explore.

Custom Cloud

By means of a penetration testing security audit we will unveil any security vulnerabilities in your network. The audit simulates an attack from outside your network and uses a “black box” approach starting with no knowledge of the architecture, available systems, and applications, and without any user permissions.

How can I help you?
How can I help you?
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